about felt music

Felt music (singer-songwriter Jodie Glendenning) has a distinctly unique personality that comes through in her music.  Be mesmerised by a voice with alluring angelic beauty that will gently move you into a beautiful calmness with feelings of redemption, happiness and pride. 

Felt delivers a  bighearted sound with song writing that is vulnerable yet powerful straight from the heart to you.  Laced with hints of gospel, soul and folk, the music elements of ‘felt’ are innovative and unique, that will hold its place amongst the current music market.

The true purpose of ‘felt’, is to perform, promote, comfort, uplift and awaken the human spirit. To make a personal connection. Creating an attainable solution from music in a form that heals by filtering through the airways world wide, offering every individual a soul-fill.

A fill of hope, love, reassurance, motivation and understanding, whatever the requirement be. A voice, a soul, a friend bringing about positive reactions, delivered with unconditional love.

Felt music has recently released her self-titled EP ‘felt.’

Fantastic talented artist. Beautiful original songs.
— Matthew Coddington